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Nanoni is a unique online shop that specializes in handmade jewelry and accessories. We offer one-of-a-kind pieces that are designed by our owner, a talented artist who has been crafting beautiful works for over ten years.

Our products are crafted with the utmost attention to detail, making them truly special and unique. We offer a variety of styles and materials to match any preference. Whether you’re searching for a timeless classic or a daring statement piece, Nanoni has you covered.

Jewelry with a Story - Handcrafted with Love by Nanoni

Up Close & Personal

Founded in 2011 as a black woman-owned family business, Nanoni began with a simple desire - to create unique bow ties for my sons. Over the years, our passion for crafting has evolved, and now we offer a captivating range of handmade resin jewelry, home decor, and custom gifts.


Our journey as passionate artisans has led us to carefully craft each item with love and dedication. At Nanoni, we believe in creating pieces that are not only beautiful but also meaningful. Whether it's a stunning piece of jewelry, a captivating artwork, or a fun gift item, our goal is to make each creation special - something you can cherish and enjoy for years to come.

In our online handmade resin shop, you'll find a diverse array of exquisite creations, showcasing the fusion of artistry and heartfelt craftsmanship. As we grow, our commitment to family, friends, and spreading joy remains at the core of everything we do.


Join us at Nanoni today and explore our collection of unique and mesmerizing products. Let us bring a touch of enchantment to your life with our artfully made treasures.

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