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Our Team.

At Nanoni, our team is a passionate group of creative minds dedicated to bringing enchantment to life. Each member is an artist in their own right, united by a shared love for crafting handmade resin treasures. From visionary designers to meticulous artisans, we collaborate to curate captivating jewelry, home decor, and gifts. Together, we strive to empower artists, inspire creativity, and deliver unique creations to the world. With heart and soul, we infuse every piece with love and artistry, making Nanoni a place of enchantment and joy. Join us on this magical journey of handmade artistry and let us adorn your life with the charm of Nanoni's artisanal treasures.







Unveiling the Enchanting World of Nanoni

Nanoni is a heartfelt creation born from the passion for creativity, design, and crafting of our founder, Micole Spicer. As a dedicated mother of five boys, Micole's journey began when she sought the perfect bow ties for her sons but couldn't find ones that truly captured her vision in stores. Driven by her creativity and determination, she took matters into her own hands and began making bow ties, flowers, and bows herself.


The spark of creativity ignited, and Micole's crafting venture expanded to embrace various art forms, including jewelry. Intrigued by the captivating allure of resin designs, she ventured into resin artistry, where she found a profound passion for creating mesmerizing pieces.


At Nanoni, we celebrate the art of handcrafting and the magic of resin artistry. Our team collaborates with talented crafters and artists to bring homemade custom designs to life, infusing each creation with love and artistic flair.

Handmade Resin Jewelry: Our jewelry collection is a reflection of Micole's dedication to blending elegance and charm in every piece. Each handmade resin jewelry item is thoughtfully designed to bring out the uniqueness of the wearer.

Handmade Resin Home Decor: Our home decor treasures are inspired by the beauty of nature and the enchanting world of resin. From decorative bowls to enchanting signs, each piece exudes a touch of magic and warmth.


Custom Handmade Gifts: At Nanoni, we believe in the power of personalization. Our custom handmade gifts capture the essence of your heartfelt sentiments, making each item a cherished keepsake.

Custom Resin Designs: Embracing the spirit of creativity and collaboration, we work with various crafters and artists to craft custom resin designs that resonate with your vision.


At Nanoni, we take pride in creating meaningful and soulful treasures that celebrate life's moments with grace and charm. Our journey is fueled by passion and the desire to bring enchantment into your everyday life. Join us in exploring the captivating world of Nanoni's handmade resin jewelry, home decor, and custom gifts - a celebration of creativity, love, and artistic expression.

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